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At LiveMetta, we pride ourselves on being innovative, intentional, and holistic with our approach to wellness, or as we say, living in the moment.  We’ve pulled the best of the best from nutritionists, to neuroscientists, to master teachers, to happiness studies, to philosophers to world-class scientists to offer a one-of-a-kind holistic wellness experience.

Each person is unique, and each person should approach wellness with individualized and customized attention.  We offer 1-on-1 counseling services where we share our depth of knowledge to anyone interested in taking an objective look at their habits and forging a path forward that works best for her or him.

Our holistic approach to health and wellbeing highlights four pillars of living a full life: 1) sleep 2) physical health; 3) mental health; and 4) community.  Within these pillars we will cover nutrition, mindful movement recommendations, the keys to starting a mindfulness practice, how to put loving-kindness into practice, and what really leads to “happiness” in today’s world, cultivating meaningful relationships, and many others.  If you’re someone with a love of learning and an open mind, we look forward to working with you.

Each session is with our founder and CEO, Chris Farnsworth, and takes place online or in-studio.  Scheduling is very limited.  Inquire for more details.

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