• Love. Kindness. Movement.

    Find balance and clarity with intelligent, authentic Yoga, Pilates, and mindfulness experiences.
  • Authentic, Intelligent Pilates and Yoga with Purpose

    Anatomically focused Yoga and Pilates classes and private training to ground you in the present moment.
  • Real People. Real Community. True Wellness.

    We’re family-owned and community centered. Not a corporate club or fitness trend.

Pilates and Yoga Studios with Love

Our mission is to spread a message of loving-kindness,  or “Metta,”  through meaningful wellness experiences – Pilates, yoga, and beyond

One Membership, 6 Locations

We are locally-owned and deeply rooted in our community.  Visit any of our 6 Southern California locations with any purchase.


Intelligent Instruction

Our instructors are masters of their craft. We are leaders in mindful movement education, and it shows.


Community Focused

Our welcoming, diverse community is comprised of all people from all walks and stages of life. 



We’re about the heart and soul of the disciplines we offer. Not the latest fitness trend.


Connect Body and Mind in Beautiful, Intentional Spaces

We are judgment-free, boutique studios that help you achieve the self-care you deserve. Within each class, we place an emphasis on the breath to connect body and mind.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say:

There are no words to describe just how much I love LiveMetta. It has been my happy place for about two years now. From the instructors, to the owners, to the people I workout with, I can’t say enough good things. 

Caitlin C.

Love love LOVE!!  Took one class and I’m hooked. I haven’t taken a Pilates class w/a reformer in years, and so happy I chose LiveMetta to start my practice again! Felt welcomed the second I walked in. 

Samantha K.

I have been coming here for almost three years and I love it. I’ve gotten stronger than ever before. I went to physical therapy, acupuncture , and chiropractor but nothing helped with my back pain, but coming here finally did.  I am extremely thankful for my teachers. The instructors and the managers actually care about the people coming here.

Tiffany Y.

Love the people and the vibe! Great energy there! You can tell they really care about their clients!

Jake A.

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Want to learn more about the disciplines we offer and why we do what we do?


Teacher Training

Dive deeper into your practice or launch your career in mindful movement with our renowned Teacher Training programs and workshops.